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With the goal of finally making the blockchain applicable for companies, we developed the edeXa Blockchain based on the Hyperledger Blockchain. By the participation of numerous trusted enterprises, the EDX-Business becomes a trusted, secure and transparent blockchain network for any applications and services.


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Overview of the EDX blockchain

edeXa offers, based on Hyperledger, an easy to use blockchain technology and is responsible for operation, maintenance and continuous development. As a participant of the EDX-Blockchain you are co-owner of the Blockchain Ecosystem. By providing one or more nodes, you contribute to a network with a high level of trust, security and transparency.

In return you get direct access to the latest developments and use the Blockchain at special conditions. In addition, you have the possibility to create your own partner blockchain networks or to set up a private blockchain at the push of a button.

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Decentralized Identification Systems (DIDs) enable cross-network identification of persons, machines, organizations and IoT devices. Each system receives a unique identifier and can be identified on the blockchain. This allows you to conclude unique contracts and transparently track processes. We always operate within the strict guidelines of data protection laws. edeXa relies on international standards such as Sovrin.

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Partners benefit from an outstanding network and numerous services and apps on the blockchain that facilitate business processes and contribute to business success.

edeXa develops innovative solutions for the optimization of business processes, both within and across companies. The focus lies on a high degree of automation, more transparency and massively higher security standards.

The Consortium Blockchain and its partners from the heart of edeXa. Each partner strengthens the network and increases process efficiency. However, we offer more than a strong network: You can choose from numerous applications on the blockchain – or simply develop your own app on the blockchain.

The advantages of the blockchain include not only an increase in quality, but also a whole new level of transparency across all business processes.

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The edexa Business Blockchain enables companies to make themselves, their products and supply chains more transparent and traceable. We cooperate with certifiers, ERP manufacturers, suppliers and large corporations to operate an excellent network. edeXa makes the Blockchain applicable for companies, startups and authorities.

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