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edeXa is a high-tech company in the field of business blockchain.

edeXa is a spin-off of io-market AG, which has been active in the field of digitization for 20 years with a focus on is active in the supply chain. edeXa benefits from this long-standing experience, by knowing the business processes in companies and by using innovative solutions and Services can offer the added value of a blockchain to our customers.

Our goal is to make the Business Blockchain easy and clickable for companies to use!

edeXa creates an ecosystem based on trust, security and transparency!

edeXa Business Blockchain

The easy way to your blockchain

The heart of every edeXa application is the blockchain network. edeXa has developed such an ecosystem, with which a consortium Blockchain can be offered to the enterprises and each participant becomes a component of this blockchain.

This is done by a simple registration on the edeXa Masterportal and by the automated Connection of a server (node), which is then available as part of the blockchain.

The EDX business blockchain is based on successful features:

  • Easy participation of registered companies
  • Low cost
  • Fast transactions
  • Secure, high-performance and established blockchain technology
  • Multi-blockchain capable (interfaces to other blockchains)
  • High transparency and modern application (App)

Business Blockchain


Business Cases

edeXa offer with the “EDX-Blockchain-Lab” companies the possibility of simple and inexpensive Blockchain applications. edeXa cooperates with universities in this field, to create a link between science and practice

We support and accompany companies in the following areas:

  • Bringing Science and Practice together
  • Accompaniment of the problem analysis and evaluations
  • Bringing in know-how and technology
  • Support in project management and coordination
  • Proof of Concepts & Prototypes
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