It’s possible to win a court case with the use of time stamps with blockchains!

It’s possible to win a court case with the use of time stamps with blockchains!

Published on:10.12.2021

Nowadays, plagiarism and copyright infringement are getting increasingly frequent. With today’s sophisticated technology, these two issues can be fixed as well, so there’s no need to worry about them. edeXa allows you to time-stamp all of your key digital documents so that you may enjoy a worry-free online sharing experience.

What follows is an explanation of timestamps and how they function.

What exactly is a timestamp?

To put it another way: A time stamp is only a little piece of data that is stored in a block with a unique serial number. One of its primary functions is to retain a precise record of the exact time a block was mined and accepted by the blockchain Universe network.

What is the significance of time stamps?

Timestamps play a critical role in enhancing data security and transparency. Keeping track of when information is created or destroyed online is critical.

Individuals and businesses may use timestamps simply for their own purposes, but they actually have a lot more to give. One of the most important is the provision of legal evidence in the event of any bad occurrence, such as copyright infringement, by allowing data sharing to take place in a legally safe manner. edeXa DApss part of Universe ecosystem, include a well-developed timestamping system that is expressly designed for this purpose.

It is because timestamps provide a concrete “evidence of existence” together with critical information about the day/date and even the timings of data transfer that timestamps are so important and advantageous when it comes to legal proof. When done in a systematic manner, there is no opportunity for corruption or even the appearance of any form of suspicion. This feature makes it a very trustworthy piece of evidence to use in court if you are fighting a plagiarism case.

Consider the following instances to better understand how timestamps might aid in a legal argument.

The following is an example:

Let’s take a look at another scenario. If you’re a jewelry designer and you’ve come up with some distinctive designs, you’re on the lookout for manufacturers who can produce your creations for you. A meeting with a designer was set up, but after a few discussions with the producer, he or she decided not to continue the partnership. It isn’t until a few months later, after all the hard work, that you discover that your creations are being sold on the open market. As a starting point, a producer with whom you had previously discussed your drawings is the most likely suspect. Also in this case, you could prove ownership of the drawings using the edeXa blockchain by sharing the file and timestamped it. Once again, this will ensure that you receive the justice through the judicial system with minimal effort.

In both of these cases, timestamping could have been the difference between life and death. It isn’t just artists who can benefit from timestamping; it can also be incredibly valuable for major enterprises.


To ensure data security, blockchain timestamping is a highly recommended method that is available to anyone who needs to show their integrity in court. That it must provide the same level of protection for small artists, writers, and business owners as it does for larger publishers and companies.
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