EDX-Blockchain Solutions

EDX-Blockchain Solutions our modular system for your applications

The EDX-Business Blockchain offers a multitude of application for new as well as existing processes and offers a completely new level of trust, security and transparency. Our goal is to make the Blockchain technology applicable for your company by developing and implementing solutions and applications yourself, via a partner or directly with edeXa.

The following solutions consist of API's, SmartContracts and if required also of applications, which we make available to you on an individual basis.




Blockchain technology revolutionizes existing process solutions and maximizes the efficiency of business processes. The edeXa Business Blockchain takes collaboration between companies to a whole new level.


edeXa develops state-of-the-art applications that can be integrated into existing processes as well as individual applications that are tailored exactly to your needs. The new technology supports you in making processes simpler, faster and more transparent.

Safety and security

Security is always our top priority. edeXa offers first-class solutions that always meet your highest security requirements. Your sensitive data is always optimally protected with our business solutions.

EDX-Blockchain Solutions

Our services, your added value

We offer our customers services that can be integrated into their existing processes. The services are equipped and implemented with corresponding Smart Contracts according to the customer's requirements. Our many years of experience in business applications and implementation guarantee rapid added value for your company.

The following list shows the application possibilities of our services, which you can receive directly from us if you are interested in detailed information.

Business Blockchain

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