Published on:01.12.2021

“The future is not something that can be predicted.” The future is something that can be created.

(Meta) heavily invested in the metaverse and there is sure to be a lot of dispute over how this sector will grow. However, the metaverse presents a big potential for the general adoption of blockchain and crypto assets.

let’s dig in.

Metaverse promises augmented reality experiences and possibilities that may surpass those found in the real world. The security and protection of all of this information is frequently overlooked in talks about the metaverse’s potential. Individuals who plan to spend more time in this virtual world need to know that their transactions and personal information are safe.

How people know this?

When it comes to virtual reality, blockchain and cryptocurrency have been widely discussed recently, but the impact and ramifications of this new notion have gone mostly unnoticed.

In order for the metaverse to function as stated, cryptography is required.

Is it impossible to alter the blockchain?

Blockchain systems have shown to be unhackable and irreversible, which is vital if any virtual reality platform is to attain general acceptance. To put it another way: If you’re going to be interacting with other people via a virtual environment, you need to know that these transactions are safe.

As hacking and data breaches occur on a regular basis in the virtual world, the underlying platform on which users are supposed to use needs to be safe and secure.

“The most essential thing that Blockchain provides is a potential alternative to that society, in which ownership is more decentralized,” Andrew Polania CIO explained .

Obviously, technologies, such as NFTs and social tokens can be potentially used for everything from playing games and earning money to serving as incentives for staging virtual concerts for influencers and their fans and more.

Metaverses might be a wonderful option for Business.

They can use them to create virtual representations of their actual items, as well as standard advertising methods like native advertising and banner and video commercials.

It’s also not out of the question that in the future metaverse, crypto traders may trade Bitcoin and other crypto assets on a VR/AR-integrated system within the metaverse.” In such a case, people may haggle ‘in person,’ in the shape of digital avatars, over the price at which they would like to swap whatever crypto asset.
The possibilities are endless, and we are excited to see how Blockchain joins Metaverse.




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